Can You Store A Motorcycle In Your House?

This question is great for this blog. Can you store a motorcycle in your home? What about those who live in small houses, small apartments, or the house without a garage?

Due to the risk of damage from nature, motorcycles are often parked indoors. But, not everyone has a large space to park their bikes indoors, garage, or even in a shed. As a result, owners are forced to leave their it outside the house. They can do nothing when it is raining, sunny, covered in snow, and other elements of nature.

So, can you store a motorcycle in your home? Yes. Storing a motorcycle in your home is a smart way to prevent it from rain and from thieves. You can place it in a corner of the garage, lean in a corner next to the door, or lean against the wall. But whatever you do, keep it in a dry place, because water causes rust.

cafe 400 parked inside the living room
My Cafe 400 motorcycle parked inside our living room 🤯

Benefits of Storing Indoors

Storing a motorcycle indoors is much better than storing it outside. For example, the garage is a great place for a motorcycle and all its accessories. But when a garage is often open, temperature fluctuations between day and night make it difficult to keep the motorcycle in good condition.

If you plan to keep your motorcycle indoors, the temperature range of your home should be constant. If you want to keep your motorcycle in good condition longer, the temperature should be stable – this means it should always be warm or always cool.

Also, if you store the motorcycle near your living room, you can benefit from the sound insulation provided by both of these areas.

Advantages of Storing in Your House

If you have enough space in your house you can even store a motorcycle in your house.

  • Less space required. A motorcycle requires less space indoors because it requires less space for parking. Moreover, it needs less space for storage. It’s easy to park, and there’s less to carry in and out of their house.
  • A place to store the bike in between winter and summer weather. The bike should be stored indoors as it will not be as vulnerable to damage as it might be outdoors. If you live in a location that has harsh winters, having the bike indoors will prevent damage from occurring from the elements. In addition, it should be stored in a garage or building to protect it from the elements, thieves, and vandals.
  • A great showpiece on your living room. If you want to make your living room a great and more interesting place, parking your motorcycle inside is a good idea. The motorcycle is one of the best things that beautify your home and it is a nice thing to stare after a long ride.
  • Can preserve paint and metal parts. Motorcycle parking indoors with proper ventilation is an excellent way to keep motorcycle paint and metal parts looking as good as new. Also remember to store motorcycle in a dry indoor place when not in use.
  • Prevent exposure to moisture and sun. Sunlight and moisture should be prevented from damaging your motorcycle. If there is no choice, then it is a good idea to get a cover with UV-resistant material that can prevent your motorcycle from damage caused by ultraviolet light. Enclosing your motorcycle will also keep it away from other bikes or objects that may scratch it.

The advantages of storing a motorcycle in your house is that you can keep it safe, secure, and in great condition. You can also clean it, run it and store it under your own control. You can also be a lot more organized and less prone to accidents if you decide to store it in your house compared to a garage.

Where to store a motorcycle in your house?

The garage is the best place to store your motorcycle indoors. But no one will stop you if you decided to put your motorcycle inside your living room.

There’s a video from CycleCruza explaining why you should bring your motorcycle inside your house. He also explained his sister’s ex-boyfriend experience on having his bike stolen because he left it outside. You can watch it below.

Risks of storing indoors

Simply storing a motorcycle indoors is not without risk. Damp, unventilated garages can have a negative effect on the value of the bike, as well as its performance.

#1 Some motorcycles are a large, expensive machine that requires a large amount of space.

If you have a garage or an outbuilding, a motorcycle will fit in nicely. However, if you live in a small apartment, a motorcycle is a poor choice of transportation. For the owners of motorcycles, it is important to find a good place to store the motorcycle.

#2 There is almost certainly a fire code violation if there is gas in the tank.

There are some states (in USA) and some parts of the work that don’t allow motorcycle inside a house, anything that has gas in it. It won’t necessarily cause a fire (although gas vapor igniting a pilot light on a water heater or some other ignition source is a possibility) but it could trigger a fire and potentially cause a lot of damage.

#3 Smell of gasoline

If you just finished your ride, the exhaust will fill the house with gasoline scent, which would be bad for the people who live there. The thieves won’t be interested if they don’t know what bike it is if you lock the brake disc with an alarm.

#4 Toxic fumes

When you bring a hot bike inside, toxic fumes are still emitted from the system, so either let it cool down for a few hours before bringing it inside, or keep your windows open while inside.

Is it illegal to store a motorcycle in your house

It is only illegal when your gas tank is full, coupled with the risks mentioned above, that it is illegal. This causes violations of fire codes in some states and countries.

The best way to ensure your safety and not break the fire code is to empty your gas tank when storing it indoors.

Just remember these things:

  • Park it without blocking vehicle doors or driveways.
  • Park it without blocking pedestrian doors or pathways.
  • Park it without blocking aisles in your garage.
  • Park it without blocking ventilation such as windows or vents
  • Park it without blocking emergency exits.
  • Park it without blocking the stairs.

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