Why Do Motorcycle Tires Cup?

Motorcycle tires are important to overall performance and safety. If your motorcycle tires have fibers or cracks, they will wear out quickly. Even the best tires, and tires with the sturdiest treads, can succumb to a problem called cupping. Cupping is defined as the tire’s tread surface being deformed in such a way as to … Read more

Why Does My Motorcycle Chain Keep Getting Loose

You take your motorcycle out for a ride, and everything seems fine. Then, a moment into it, the chain starts making a noise and the wheel begins to slip. This seemingly simple complaint is actually a very common one, and it can be a bit of a pain to fix. Over time, the answer for … Read more

Why Does My Motorcycle Carburetor Spit Out Gas?

Gasoline leaks from the carburetor may be due to the following: Broken valve Missing float body A certain amount of gasoline is sent to the engine by the float part when gasoline flows into the carburetor. An overflow occurs if the float fails or the valve that dams up the gasoline fails. An external impact … Read more

What Happens If A Motorcycle Chain Is Tight?

The motorcycle chain is a connecting link between the rear wheel and the engine, and as such plays a major role in the safe running of a motorcycle. This is a critical part of motorcycle maintenance, and requires the right tools and a little bit of knowledge to follow. Knowing your motorcycle chain if it … Read more