What Happens if You Ride a Motorcycle Without a License?

driving without license fine

Motorcycling is a fun and freeing experience, but it’s important to remember that operating a motorcycle without a license is against the law. Doing so can result in many penalties, including fines, driving record points, and even jail time. Not to mention, it’s simply unsafe to ride a motorcycle without knowing how to operate one … Read more

Signs & Causes of Bad Stator Symptoms Motorcycle

A bad motorcycle stator is no fun! You ride your bike, and it suddenly dies. You try to start it, but nothing. Dead. Then, you pull off your spark plugs, and they look like they’ve been burned, but they feel fine. What the heck happened? Did you accidentally break your stator? Bad Motorcycle Stator Symptoms … Read more

Why Do Motorcycle Gloves Have Hard Knuckles?

why do motorcycle gloved have hard knuckles

When you engage in riding a motorcycle, your hands are in harm’s way. You face the possibility of getting injured. How should one protect against injury? Here’s one solution: Wear motorcycle gloves. Some gloves have hard knuckles in them to guard against impact whether it is internal or external. The reason motorcycle gloves have hard … Read more

Are Motorcycle Gloves Worth It?

are motorcycle gloves worth it

While riders can opt for any number of protective accessories, bikers face more risks on the road. This usually means that riders are more likely to have an accident, or sustain an injury. Therefore, investing in a pair of motorcycle gloves is both wise and needed. Motorcycle gloves are necessary for two reasons: they provide … Read more

Why Do Motorcycle Tires Cup?

Motorcycle tires are important to overall performance and safety. If your motorcycle tires have fibers or cracks, they will wear out quickly. Even the best tires, and tires with the sturdiest treads, can succumb to a problem called cupping. Cupping is defined as the tire’s tread surface being deformed in such a way as to … Read more