Symptoms Of A Bad Motorcycle Stator

A bad motorcycle stator is no fun! You ride your bike, and it suddenly dies. You try to start it, but nothing. Dead. Then, you pull off your spark plugs, and they look like they’ve been burned, but they feel fine. What the heck happened? Did you accidentally break your stator? Bad Motorcycle Stator Symptoms … Read more

How Often Should You Change Motorcycle Brake Pads?

Motorcycle brake pads should be changed to ensure that they are working and to avoid any damage being done to either the bike or the rider. How often should you change your motorcycle brake pads? In general, it is recommended that you change your motorcycle brake pads every 20,000 miles. But, if they are less … Read more

Why Do Motorcycle Tires Cup?

Motorcycle tires are important to overall performance and safety. If your motorcycle tires have fibers or cracks, they will wear out quickly. Even the best tires, and tires with the sturdiest treads, can succumb to a problem called cupping. Cupping is defined as the tire’s tread surface being deformed in such a way as to … Read more

Why Does My Motorcycle Chain Keep Getting Loose

You take your motorcycle out for a ride, and everything seems fine. Then, a moment into it, the chain starts making a noise and the wheel begins to slip. This seemingly simple complaint is actually a very common one, and it can be a bit of a pain to fix. Over time, the answer for … Read more

How Can You Tell if a Motorcycle Clutch Is Bad?

A motorcycle clutch is a device that converts the engine’s rotational motion into linear motion, allowing the rider to shift the bike from gear to gear without manually turning it. The clutch is located in the center of the motorcycle and, when engaged, transmits the engine’s power to the rear wheel. But how can you … Read more