Best Crocodile Jack in the Philippines

If you’re in the market for the best crocodile jack that can lift heavy vehicles such as cars, trucks, and trailers, we made a list for you.

Here Are Some of the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crocodile Jack:

There are several factors you should consider to ensure that you get the right one for your needs. 

One type of hydraulic jack you may come across is called a crocodile jack due to its long, narrow shape resembling a crocodile’s mouth.

  1. Weight capacity. Ensure that the jack you choose is rated to support the weight of the vehicle you need to lift. A crocodile jack typically has a weight capacity ranging from 2 to 4 tons.
  2. Lifting height. Look for a crocodile jack with a lifting height that is suitable for your needs.
  3. Lifting. Hydraulic mechanism jacks are generally the most popular type of lifting mechanism as they are easy to use and can lift heavy weights.
  4. Stability. Choose a jack that is stable and secure when lifting your vehicle.
  5. Lifting surface. Make sure that the lifting surface of the jack is suitable for the type of vehicle you need to lift.
  6. Durability. Look for a crocodile jack that is well-made and built to last.
  7. Price. Consider your budget and choose a jack that fits your price range.

When buying a crocodile jack, it’s important to research and chooses a jack that meets your needs and budget. 

By considering factors such as weight capacity, lifting height, lifting mechanism, stability, lifting surface, durability, and price, you can find the right jack for your needs. Whether you’re a DIY mechanic or a professional, a crocodile jack can be an essential tool for lifting heavy vehicles safely and efficiently.

Crocodile Jack Philippines Table and Price Comparison

Product nameImagePriceWhere to buy
Kichi 2-ton Crocodile Jackkichi 2 ton₱1,030.00Lazada
Kichi 3-ton Crocodile Jackkichi 3 ton crocodile jack₱4,200.00Lazada
OEM Brand 2-ton Crocodile Jackoem 2 ton crocodile jack₱1,699.00Lazada
Powone 2.5-ton Crocodile Jackpowone crocodile jack₱1,500.00Lazada