Why Do Motorcycle Gloves Have Hard Knuckles?

why do motorcycle gloved have hard knuckles

When you engage in riding a motorcycle, your hands are in harm’s way. You face the possibility of getting injured. How should one protect against injury? Here’s one solution: Wear motorcycle gloves. Some gloves have hard knuckles in them to guard against impact whether it is internal or external. The reason motorcycle gloves have hard … Read more

Are Motorcycle Gloves Worth It?

are motorcycle gloves worth it

While riders can opt for any number of protective accessories, bikers face more risks on the road. This usually means that riders are more likely to have an accident, or sustain an injury. Therefore, investing in a pair of motorcycle gloves is both wise and needed. Motorcycle gloves are necessary for two reasons: they provide … Read more

Best Motorcycle Gloves in the Philippines

best motorcycle gloves philippines

To help keep your hands safe, but comfortable on your ride, look for motorcycle gloves with a design that provides adequate ventilation and protection. And for your gear, consider motorcycle riding pants with pit zips or expandable cargo pockets. Note: Always check the seller’s sizing guide to reduce wrong size and returns. Here Are the … Read more