Best Motorcycle Gloves in the Philippines

To help keep your hands safe, but comfortable on your ride, look for motorcycle gloves with a design that provides adequate ventilation and protection. And for your gear, consider motorcycle riding pants with pit zips or expandable cargo pockets.

Note: Always check the seller’s sizing guide to reduce wrong size and returns.

Here Are the List of Motorcycle Gloves You Can Buy in the Philippines

We separated the list into 4 categories based on the rider’s budget: under 5,000, 3,000, 2,000, 1,000.

Motorcycle Gloves Under 1,000 PHP

Product nameImageBuying link
RYO RG07RYO RG07Lazada

Nitro N 190NITRO N-190Lazada

Motowolf MDL 0311 VintageMOTOWOLF MDL 0311Lazada

Motowolf MDL 0310MOTOWOLF MDL 0310Lazada

Motowolf MDL 0308MOTOWOLF MDL 0308Lazada
Spyder SparkSpyder Motorcycle Gloves SparkLazada
Scoyco MC29SCOYCO Motorcycle Gloves MC29Lazada

Motorcycle Gloves Under 2,000 PHP

Product nameImageBuying link
Komine GK 243komine gk 243Lazada
Taichi RST447taichi rst447Lazada
Spyder Ride Glovesspyder ride glovesLazada
Oneal Sniper Elite Glovesoneal sniper eliteLazada
LS2 Dart 2ls2 dart 2Lazada

Motorcycle Gloves Under 3,000 PHP

Product nameImageBuying link
Taichi RST448taichi rst448Lazada
Komine GK 244komine gk244Lazada
Five Gloves RS2 Evofive gloves rs2 evoLazada
Komine GK 215komine gk215Lazada
Komine GK 228komine gk228Lazada

Motorcycle Gloves Under 5,000 PHP

Product nameImageBuying link
Dianese Fogal Unisexdianese fogal glovesLazada
Komine GK 224komine gk244 meshLazada
Five Gloves RFX4 Evofive gloves rfx4Lazada
Five Gloves RFX SportFive Gloves RFX SportLazada
Komine GK 214 TitaniumKomine GK-214 Titanium MeshLazada

Why Do You Need to Wear Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycles are awesome. They help us get from place to place smoothly and without too much effort. While motorcycles are fun, riding them is a lot of work.

You have to keep yourself balanced on the bike while accelerating, braking, and turning. You also have to position your body just right so that you don’t fall off of the bike.

Motorcycle gloves can protect your hands from serious skin injury or worse, broken bones. Nothing ruins a good ride like a nasty cut or scrape. If your hands are exposed, you can lose skin and even break a bone. But gloves can prevent that.

How to Choose the Correct Motorcycle Gloves

Selecting the correct motorcycle gloves can be a difficult task. There are many different types of gloves to choose from, ranging from full leather to mesh gloves. Before you begin your search, you should know what features to look for in a riding glove.

High Performance & Protection

The first thing to consider is the amount of protection you’re going to need. The glove should be thick enough to protect your hands from tearing.

Leather gloves will not prevent your skin from tearing. Leather gloves will give some protection, but sliders will save you from having torn skin after a slide.

You don’t want to risk your safety on the road, and you certainly don’t want to be uncomfortable doing it. That’s why getting high performance motorcycle gloves is your top priority.


Some motorcycle gloves are better than others. Those gloves should be comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and fit well. Since gloves don’t get worn every day, they should be easy to clean. And just like with jackets and helmets, it’s important to match a rider’s gloves to the weather they’ll be riding in.

In general, motorcycle gloves should have mesh for ventilation. The mesh allows air to circulate around the hand, keeping the rider cool. The mesh also makes the gloves lightweight, so a rider can wear a pair of gloves without worrying about being weighed down.

Wearing gloves that are too tight or too loose, will not provide any protection for your hands. It is important, however, that they are made of some quality material and are soft. This will protect your hands, therefore, you will not have any problems with blisters or injuries.


Motorcycle gloves are available in different styles, colors, designs, and sizes. They are either full finger, three-quarter finger or half finger.

Some gloves are waterproof, while others are breathable. Some gloves have carbon fiber protection, while others are made of leather. When buying gloves, you must consider especially what aspects of your riding suit the gloves are designed for.

Besides, is does feel good when people are turning their heads looking at you while you’re in traffic or stops. You feel like a big shot riding that big motorcycle with a beautiful pair of gloves.

To those who love motorcycles, the feeling is indescribable. And this is true whether you’re sitting on a motorcycle or driving one. Driving a motorcycle gives one a similar feeling as riding one.

Motorcycle Gloves Will Keep You Safe

Motorcycle gloves are a vital accessory when riding. They not only provide protection from debris, but also from wind, sun, and rain. Gloves can also be worn to help prevent blisters and to stay warm.

In conclusion, motorcycle gloves are a vital accessory for the safe operation of motorcycle. Motorcycle gloves help to protect your hands from the rigors of the weather, from road rash, and from abrasions from contact with studded tires or metal surfaces.

Motorcycle gloves also are useful as protection from your handlebars, which are typically made of metal.

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