Does Yamaha R3 Have Slipper Clutch?

The old and the new R3 does not feature a slipper clutch, but instead features a newly developed, liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve fuel-injected engine that conforms to the concept of the model. At 10,750 rpm, this engine produces a maximum output, and at 9,000 rpm, it generates the maximum torque.

Does 2015 – 2022 Yamaha Slipper Clutch?

Year ModelSlipper Clutch?

What is Slipper Clutch?

Slipper clutches are found on a wide range of bikes, from top performance machines like the Ducati Panigale to beginner machines like the Ninja 300. They are even found on certain sport tours and cruisers. The whole purpose of a slipper clutch is to prevent rear wheel chatter that can be caused by downshifting too aggressively on the track during hard braking.

The slipper clutch is useful because downshifts are usually performed while you’re on the front brake so there’s a lot of engine braking that taxes the rear tires and the suspension, but there’s very little static load pushing the tyre into the pavement, which can result in rear wheel chatter and a full-on crash on the street

In wet, slippery conditions or if you downshift one more time than you should, a slipper clutch could save your life so keeping the bikes backend calm during engine braking is why having a slipper clutch is beneficial.

How Does Slipper Clutch Affects R3 Performance?

If you’re not confident with your downshifting skills while riding your R3, having slipper clutch will make a difference while on track. You can pair it with quick shifter and your all good.

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However, motorcycle purists will tell you otherwise. They will tell you to work on your core skill first because no one will take it away from you.

At the end of the day, it’s all about preference. If you want to experience your motorcycle’s full potential while not worrying too much about the downshifting force, then go buy a slipper clutch and have it install on your Yamaha R3.

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