CFMoto Introduces the New Papio XO-1, a Retro-style Mini Bike

The 1980s are back, and CFMoto has taken notice. The company has recently introduced the new CFMoto Papio XO-1, a retro-style mini bike that is a direct rival to Honda’s Grom. This new bike brings back the sportbike style of the 1980s, making it a perfect choice for those looking to relive their childhood memories.


  • 1980s-style sportbikes are back in trend
  • Direct rival to Honda’s Grom
  • Inspiration from 1980s endurance racing bikes
  • 126cc, air-cooled single engine, making 9.4 hp
  • Inverted fork, clip-on handlebars, rearset footpegs
  • New passenger pegs, chain-guard, body panels, exhaust
  • Retro LCD display and LED lights
  • Comes with ABS and non-ABS
  • 251 pounds
  • MSRP of $2,999, potentially lower than Honda Grom’s $3,499
  • Aggressive pricing could undercut Honda Grom
  • Possibility of an electric version in the future
  • Named after the scientific name for baboons.

Design and Features

The Papio XO-1 takes its inspiration from 1980s endurance racing bikes. It is powered by a 126cc, single air-cooled engine that generates 9.4 horsepower. The bike features an inverted fork, clip-on handlebars, and rearset footpegs, all of which help to enhance the retro look. The bike also features new passenger pegs, a chain guard, body panels, and exhaust, making it stand out from the standard Papio model.

The retro LCD display and LED lights add a touch of nostalgia, while the two versions of the bike (with ABS and without) allow riders to choose the model that best suits their needs. With a weight of 251 pounds, the Papio XO-1 is the same weight as the standard Papio. The MSRP for this bike is $2,999, which could be lower than Honda’s Grom, which has an MSRP of $3,499.

papio xo-1 leaked photo
Leaked specs and image of the new CFMoto Papio XO-1. Photos: CFMoto


CFMoto is capitalizing on the trend for 1980s-style bikes, and the Papio XO-1 is a prime example. The aggressive pricing could put the company ahead of the competition, as it could undercut Honda’s Grom. While there is no information yet on an electric version of the Papio XO-1, it is possible in the future. The bike’s name, “Papio XO-1,” is named after the scientific name for baboons, making it a unique and memorable addition to the CFMoto lineup.

In conclusion, the CFMoto Papio XO-1 is a retro-style mini bike that allows riders to relive their childhood memories. With its design and features, this bike stands out from the competition, and its aggressive pricing makes it an attractive option for those looking for an affordable and stylish mini bike.