Why Does My Motorcycle Carburetor Spit Out Gas?

Gasoline leaks from the carburetor may be due to the following:

  • Broken valve
  • Missing float body

A certain amount of gasoline is sent to the engine by the float part when gasoline flows into the carburetor. An overflow occurs if the float fails or the valve that dams up the gasoline fails.

An external impact might temporarily fix it, but if the valve or the float is defective, it will have to be repaired.

Gas leaks are mostly caused by the carburetor. A temporary cause for overflow, such as tilting, may cause it to continuously overflow due to stuck internal parts.

A deteriorated fuel cock can also cause it to leak continuously. The cost of the fuel cock will vary depending on where you live and what model of motorcycle you have.

A carburetor’s float chamber packing may deteriorate over time, causing gasoline to leak out. Replacing the packing will fix that problem.

What Are The Risks of Spitting Gas from the Carburetor

The float needle may be broken and needs to be replaced. It is not recommended to just tighten the needle because that may damage the needle and the seat. Once the float needle is replaced, the float should be adjusted to the correct level.

Spark may cause explosion

Gasoline is a highly volatile and flammable liquid. If you find a gasoline leak, act immediately.

  • Turn off the engine
  • Do not use any source of fire near the motorcycle
  • Do not smoke near the motorcycle
  • Be careful not to generate static electricity, etc.

If static electricity or heat is applied, it will ignite, and if gasoline is present, it will explode. Be careful as it may lead to an accident.

Gasoline smell

It is not easy to dispose of gasoline on clothes due to the odor, which is difficult to remove. Gasoline is difficult to remove with a commercial detergent, and it takes quite a while for it to completely volatilize. It may take at least two to three days for the odor to be removed, depending on the environment.

How to Repair Carburetor Spitting Out Gas

There are many reasons that the carburetor of a motorcycle may spit out gas. Some may be caused by the engine itself, others by the carburetor and the last ones may be caused by the air filter. In any case, there are actions that can be taken to prevent this from happening. The first thing is to clean the carburetor and make sure the air filter is free of dirt.

Tools needed

  • Old cloth or rag
  • Carb cleaner
  • Carb repair kit

Spitting carburetor checklist

  • Check the float for any defects or abnormalities
  • Float valves should not leak
  • Clean the chamber of the float if it is dusty or dirty

If a gasoline leak has occurred, it has most likely been caused by abnormal or defective movement of the float and float valve, so let’s look at these two factors. 1) There may also be dust in the float chamber, where gasoline collects. 2) Your bike needs to be repaired quickly and reliably if you have a petrol leak, so if you are not confident in your ability to repair it yourself, take it to your bike shop.


A poor gas mixture, a loose gas cap, or a float needle problem can be causing your motorcycle to spit gas from the carburetor. However, if you still experience issues after checking these common causes, contact a motorcycle mechanic in your area to inspect your carburetor.

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