Why Do Motorcycles Have Whips?

Common to both custom bikes and choppers, whips are used as an accessory, or for some, a necessity. Getback whips origins date back to the 1800’s, where it was used as a signal to other drivers or competitors. Getback whips were popular in the United States in the 1970s and ’80s, when motorcycle clubs and gangs are rampant.

Motorcycles have whips from their handlebars because:

  • Some riders use get back whips as a type of weapon or smash car window
  • They are ornamental for some riders
  • Whips are used for swatting at dogs which chase motorcycles
  • Whips are used to identify a bike club
  • Whips add visibility to help riders get noticed
  • Whips are a tribal thing

Getback whips have an interesting history. The word “getback” refers to the act of riding a motorcycle, and “whip” is a slang term for a “whippet.” The word “getback” came about when motorcycle clubs and gangs began to take over the streets. The riders would wear leather vests, known as “getbacks,” that would typically have a skull and crossbones or a prominent gang symbol.

Some Riders Use Get Back Whips as a Type of Weapon or Smash Car Window

There are many riders who use get back whips as type of weapon or smash car window, but most of them are not criminals. Riders use it to scare people who interrupt their speed. A get back whip is very long and has sharp edge. Riders use it to pull people away from the car, or smash the car window.

Get back whips are illegal in most states. Many people use them to threaten other people. When drivers use get back whips, they have to know the law. They must know that window breakers are prohibited. If they don’t, they can be arrested. If a window breakers breaks a car window, the driver can be arrested for criminal damage and assault.

They Are Ornamental for Some Riders

The motorcycle whip sometimes is used while riding or to accessorize the motorcycle. Some people use whips to whip the air. Others use them as decorations or ornaments. Whips are strips of leather or metal art attached to motorcycles. They are placed along the top and back of the motorcycle. Whips are used to decorate the motorcycles. Some riders use whips to draw attention to their motorcycles. These riders might put colorful sheets of material on the whips.

Whips Are Used for Swatting at Dogs Which Chase Motorcycles

Motorcycle whips are useful for swatting at dogs who chase motorcycles. Whips help drivers defend themselves against dogs who jump onto the vehicle’s hood. Whips are a good way to scare dogs away.

There’s a story few years ago when I was riding my motorcycle when a dog ran in front of it. I tried hard to outrun the dog, but the tires slip and my motorcycle fell. Then, I remembered that my grandmother always told me to get a motorcycle whip to help her shoo away dogs who chased motorcycles. So, I whipped the motorcycle whip at and dog, and it ran away from me.

Whips Are Used to Identify a Bike Club

Motorcycles whips are a very common article of clothing – they distinguish bikers from anyone else. Whips is the point or edge of a whip. A whip is a flexible or rigid stick with pointed or curved ends, used for striking or lashing. Whips are mainly used as a symbol of authority or domination. It is common for bikers to wear whips to identify their club or group.

Motorcycle whips are used to identify a bike club. You see them at every motorcycle event. Motorcycle whips are used to compete for the best club. Bike clubs compete by the design of their whips. It is said the longer the whip, the better the club. Motorcycle whips are usually made of leather. Some made out of shiny metal. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Whips Add Visibility to Help Riders Get Noticed

The motorcycle whip is a handlebar-mounted, long, whiplike object that alerts motorists to the presence of a motorcycle. It works by attaching to the handlebars of the motorcycle, and whipping back and forth, which alerts cars of its presence. Because of their visibility, motorcycle whips can help riders get noticed.

The whips add visibility for motorcycles to make riders more visible to other road users. The whips also act as signal flags to warn other road users that a motorcycle is approaching. The whips also act as wind deflectors to reduce wind drag and force.

Whips Are a Tribal Thing

One of the more intriguing custom motorcycle parts is the handlebar whip. If you’re riding through a crowd and someone starts hollering, you just whip your handlebars and the crowd goes crazy. Motorcycle handlebars whips are fast and fun, and they’re something that’s unique to motorcycling. They’re also a way to express your rider persona.

Whips, like motorcycles, are for those who dare. The thrill of riding an adrenaline-fueled motorcycle at breakneck speed isn’t for the faint of heart. Only the most thrill-seeking individuals take that ride.

Some States in the USA Consider Get Back Whips Illegal

Some states have laws against using whips on motorcycles. This occurs if the driver is too close to the vehicle in front of them. However, these laws vary somewhat by state. Some states consider it illegal to use whips on motorcycles, while others allow it as long as they are fixed.

While some states consider motorcycle get-back whips illegal, others don’t. Nevertheless, they can be problematic. For instance, a get-back whip can cause injury if it hits another motorcycle or a car. It can also cause serious injury if it hits a pedestrian.