What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmet

It seems that we have more and more old motorcycle helmets taking up space in our basements and garages. Some of us may have even kept a few along the way.

So, what can be done with them? Some of them are fairly simple to recycle, while others are more complicated. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do with old motorcycle helmets.

If the helmet is expired you can:

  • Send for recycling
  • Ask a waste collection company
  • Use it as a planter
  • Turn it into a birdhouse
  • Repurpose it as a pet bed
  • Create a unique lamp
  • Use it as a Halloween costume
  • Turn it into a bookend
  • Use it as a paperweight
  • Create a cool wall hanging
  • Turn it into a planter stand

If the helmet is not expired you can:

  • Sell at used helmet
  • Trade it in
  • Donate

What to do with the expired motorcycle helmet?

Did you know that helmets have a limited lifespan? It was designed to protect the head against the worst situations if the motorcycle is involved in an accident. However, when the helmet has reached the end of its service life, it no longer plays a role.

Send for recycling

In Japan, there’s an association called Japan Helmet Manufacturers Association. The group has established a helmet recycling center and collects trade-in helmets from affiliated dealers and vendors.

Instead of tossing them in the trash or donating them to charity, many riders are choosing to give them a new life as a tool for good causes. You can ask your local government if they have such recycling center for used and expired motorcycle helmets.

Ask a waste collection company

If you want to dispose of other items such as home appliances and furniture, you can ask a junk removal company to pick them up. You must throw away the helmet that has reached the end of its useful life.

The cost of collection is high, but there is no need to wait until the collection date for it since it is collected in bulk and disposed of immediately. Using it for general cleaning or moving may be a good idea.

Although there are many good guys, there are also some bad players. There are many cases where a large amount of money was charged after collection, even though it was claimed to be free, and cases where the collected materials were illegally dumped.

It is the owner of the waste that is responsible for illegal dumping, and you are liable for the crime.

Before getting your waste picked up, you need to get a quote and make sure you are qualified for disposal.

Turn into a Planter

Another creative way to repurpose an old motorcycle helmet is to turn it into a planter. This can be done by cutting off the visor and lining the helmet with a plastic bag or other waterproof material. Fill the helmet with soil and plant your favorite flowers or herbs.

A reddit post from u/markymarc82 explains how to turn a motorcycle helmet into a planter, including the necessary steps and materials needed.


Create a Nesting Site for Birds

In urban areas where natural nest sites are limited, birds can use old motorcycle helmets as nesting sites. Simply place the helmet in a tree or other elevated location and watch as birds make it their home.

Make a Pet Bed

If you have a furry friend, you can turn your old motorcycle helmet into a unique pet bed. Remove the inner lining of the helmet and replace it with a soft cushion or blanket. Your pet will love having a cozy and stylish place to rest.

Transform into a Lamp

For those who enjoy DIY projects, transforming an old motorcycle helmet into a unique lamp is a great option. Follow the instructions provided in the Instructables post we linked earlier, including wiring the light fixture and attaching a base.

Use as a Halloween Decoration

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you can use an old motorcycle helmet as part of your decorations. Paint the helmet in spooky colors or designs, or add fake spider webs and other creepy crawlies.

Create Bookends

Another way to repurpose an old motorcycle helmet is to turn it into bookends. Cut the helmet in half and attach a base, then use it to hold up your favorite books.

Use as a Paperweight

For a simple and stylish desk accessory, use your old motorcycle helmet as a paperweight. Its unique shape and design make it perfect for holding down papers and adding a touch of personality to your workspace.

Wall-Mounted Storage Unit

For those who need a little extra storage space, turning an old motorcycle helmet into a wall-mounted storage unit is a great option. Follow the instructions provided in the DIY Creators video we linked earlier, including adding hooks to hold keys or other small items.

Transform into a Plant Stand

Last but not least, you can turn your old motorcycle helmet into a unique plant stand. Follow the instructions provided in the BikerMetric article we linked earlier, including attaching legs or a base and adding a pot for plants.

What to do with the not expired motorcycle helmet?

Sell it

As you may know, many people have put old motorcycle helmets on their lawns and have them for sale on Craigslist. These helmets are usually free of any noticeable damage and are from late-model motorcycles.

There are usually a lot of old helmets for sale, but the ones that catch your eye tend to be the ones that have been spray-painted or have been modified in some way.

They are some of the most interesting helmets, and they serve as a reminder to us all of the often-dangerous and lethal nature of motorcycles.

If a helmet has not been used in over 3 years or if it hasn’t been purchased for less than 3 years, it can be sold.

Retailers that sell motorcycle accessories and specialty stores that purchase motorcycles should have a solid assessment. Helmets with a high rarity value, such as limited edition models, may sell at surprising prices.

Once a helmet has been damaged, it cannot be used or sold. It will be detected by experts, so do not try to buy it even though it looks fine on the outside.

You would probably sell your motorcycle helmet at a motorcycle specialty store, but then you would also buy motorcycle supplies at the same time, so it would be two birds with one stone.

Why not give it to a friend who is about to buy a motorcycle or donate it abroad? One option for old motorcycle helmets is to donate them to a charity or organization that can give them a new life.

There is no need to give away expired helmets or have used in an accident. Buying a second-hand helmet will make you worried about quality and hygiene since helmets aren’t cheap anymore.

According to the Snell Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helmet safety, helmets that have been involved in an accident should be replaced, but helmets that have not been involved in a crash can be donated or reused safely.

snell memorial foundation

Another option is to donate your helmet to a local thrift store or secondhand shop so people can repurpose these helmets.

Giving it to a friend is safe, and it is easier to dispose of, so it is beneficial.

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