What is the stationary noise level of the new Tiger 1200 (Gen 4)?

It remains to be seen how the new Tiger 1200 and all its variants will be homologated in Europe but there are guesses that the all-new Tiger 1200 be around 96 – 97 decibels.

In some parts of Europe, a maximum stationary noise level of 95 decibels is required (preferably lower). The bike will not be allowed on a growing number of roads if it has a high noise level.

What is European Homologation?

As part of the Euro 5 requirements, a dynamic noise level measurement is used in the homologation process in Europe, but some countries have chosen to use a stationary noise limit instead.

Why is it important?

Some motorcycle buyers who live in Austria or Germany may find this to be a deal-breaker because their country requires motorcycles to have a stationary noise level of 95 decibels and below.

Also, what good is a motorcycle if it can’t be used in some parts of Europe?