2024 CFMoto 800NK: A Chinese Motorcycle That Can Compete with the Best

The CFMoto 800NK is a new addition to the world of motorcycles, and it’s making a significant impact. As a Chinese motorcycle, it proves that motorcycles from China can compete with those from Japan and the West.

The 800NK was revealed via social media, generating a lot of buzz in the motorcycle community.

Engine and specifications of the CFMoto 800NK

The 800NK is powered by a 799cc KTM LC8c engine, the same engine used in the KTM 790 Duke and the 800MT adventure bike. This engine has been tuned to deliver 99 hp and 59.7 lb.-ft. Of torque. The wet weight of the motorcycle is 410 pounds, making it an agile and nimble machine. The engine sits in a steel-tube frame with a wheelbase of 57.7 inches.

800nk engine
Engine is similar to the KTM 790.

Suspension and Brakes of the CFMoto 800NK

The 800NK features a KYB suspension at each end, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The front suspension is fully adjustable, while the rear suspension is preload/rebound adjustable. The brakes on the 800NK are manufactured by J. Juan, part of the Brembo group. These brakes provide excellent stopping power and control, ensuring that the rider can stop the motorcycle quickly and safely.


One of the standout features of the NK800 is its distinctive styling. The bike has a V-shaped headlight that sets it apart from other bikes on the market. This V-shape design will become a signature element of future CFMoto models. The wind deflector and front fender also reflect the V-shape design, making the bike look sleek and modern.

Watch the unboxing video from CFmoto France Youtube channel.


Several features that make it an excellent option for riders includes:

  • Three riding modes (Rain, Street, and Sport), which allow riders to choose the best mode for their specific needs and conditions.
  • The four-way joypad makes it easy to control the TFT dash, which provides all the information a rider needs clearly and concisely.
  • There is also a second version of the bike that has a smaller instrument pack.
cfmoto 800nk headlight
The full-LED headlights is very futuristic.


The CFMoto 800NK is expected to become available in China in the next few months. The bike will likely reach US soil in 2023, although pricing and availability details have not yet been released.

This Chinese-made motorcycle proving that Chinese bikes can compete with the best from Japan and the West. With its powerful engine, excellent suspension and brakes, distinctive styling, and valuable features, the 800NK is sure to be a popular option among riders. Keep an eye out for this exciting new bike and be ready to experience the power and performance that it has to offer.