List of Affordable Motorcycle Helmet in the Philippines

If you are reading this article, congratulations because you are a responsible rider and you consider your safety as well as the safety of your fellow motorists.

This list is for motorcycle riders looking for a safe, affordable and budget motorcycle helmet under 5,000 PHP.

The helmets on this list are made up of brands that we often see our fellow riders use every day.

The purpose of this blog is to give the option to Filipino riders who cannot afford to buy an expensive helmet without sacrificing their safety.

If you can’t buy the helmet brand you want yet due to lack of budget, you can choose an affordable and safe helmet while you stock up on your dream helmet.


This is just a guide and it is best to consult a professional in choosing a helmet for you. The products on this list are based on the amount of positive reviews and the number of people who buy it online.

I will receive a small commission if you buy a helmet using the links below.

Thanks a lot.

#8 Zebra Helmets

Zebra Helmets has been operating since 2010. The company recognizes a growing market for motorcycle helmets and wants to provide Filipino riders with an affordable helmet alternative from expensive brands.

A leading local helmet brand with many satisfied Filipino users, Zebra Helmet’s reputation is built on quality, durability, and performance.

In some Gadget Addict’s videos, the current MMDA chairman is seen handing out this helmet. There is probably no reason for you to doubt this helmet’s quality if an MMDA chairman is handing it out.

Product NameImageBuying Link
Zebra FF805 – Modular Dual Visorzebra ff805 helmetLazada

Zebra 978 – Snow Mountain Modular Dual Visorzebra 978 helmetLazada

Zebra 869 – Rule Plain Modular Dual Visorzebra 869 helmetLazada

Zebra YM619 – Plain Full Face Dual Visorzebra ym619 helmetShopee
Zebra 152 – Fox Full Face Single Visorzebra 152 helmetLazada


#7 SEC Helmets

SEC Helmets provide full protection, are safe, and comfortable so that you can improve your driving and rest assured.

By absorbing the impact force and providing effective ventilation, SEC helmets reduce the amount of stress on the rider’s neck.

Product NameImageBuying Link
SEC Rise Asta V2 – Dual Visorsec rise asta v2 helmetLazada

SEC Armada – Dual Visorsec armada helmetLazada

SEC Torch – Dual Visor Modularsec dual torch helmetLazada

SEC Rise V2 – Dual Visorsec rise v2 helmetLazada

SEC Instinct Decoy – Dual Visor Modularsec instinct decoy helmetLazada


#6 MT Helmets

One of the best things about MT helmets is the quality and performance of the foam lining, which holds the cheekbones relatively tight, which they should be.

The polycarbonate shell on the Blade, Stinger, and Mugello provide adequate protection for roads and highways.

Product NameImageBuying Link
MT Revenge 2mt revenge 2 helmetLazada

MT Targo Promt targo helmet Lazada

MT Scalpelmt scalpel helmetLazada


#5 NHK Helmets

The process production of NHK helmet has been through a number of production processes supported by high technology and high quality materials. NHK helmet is committed to always giving its customers the best possible service.

Helmets from NHK are designed for maximum safety, comfort, and protection.

Product NameImageBuying Link
NHK GP Prime Full Face – Dual Visornhk gp prime helmetLazada

NHK RX9 Full Face – Dual Visornhk rx9 helmetLazada

NHK R1 Ryusei Half Facenhk r1 ryusei half face helmetLazada

NHK R1 Tito Half Facenhk r1 tito half face helmetLazada

NHK R1 Jakub Half Facenhk r1 jakub half face helmetLazada


#4 Evo Helmets

It’s no secret that you get shook whenever you see the EVO helmet. It seems like you see it everywhere you look. However, there is a reason why many motorcycle riders here in the Philippines wear this helmet.

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In addition to their sleek design, these helmet brands boast a variety of safety features that make them stand out from the crowd.

Product NameImageBuying Link
EVO GT-PRO Invictus Dual Visor Full Face Helmetevo gt pro helmetLazada

EVO SVX-02 Prizm Dual Visor Helmet with Free Clear LensEVO SVX-02 Prizm helmetLazada

EVO XR-03 Plain V2 Full Face Single Visor HelmetEVO XR-03 Plain helmetLazada

EVO SVX-02 Plain Cool Grey Full Face Dual Visor HelmetEVO SVX-02 Plain helmetLazada

EVO GSX-3000 V2 Glossy Pearl White Dual VisorEVO GSX-3000 V2 helmetLazada


#3 KYT Helmets

A leading manufacturer of helmets in Asia, KYT helmets was founded in 1988 by Mr Eddy Tedjakusuma. They are currently one of the largest helmet companies in the world.

It is no wonder that this helmet is known and very common in the Philippines.

KYT helmets are regarded as good helmets in comparison to competitors, like the LS2s, and are not as expensive as AGVs or Arais. Their ECE rating makes them a good consideration.

Product NameImageBuying Link
KYT Venom Half Facekyt venom helmetLazada
KYT NF-Jkyt motion yellow helmetLazada

#2 LS2 Helmets

The LS2 helmets are known for their simple design. It has many safety features and is also used by some MotoGP riders such as John McPhee, Ricardo Rossi, and others,

Due to its price range and overall quality, it’s hard to surpass the LS2 helmet in your choices.

Product NameImageBuying Link
LS2 FF320 Stream Evo Full Face HelmetLS2 FF320 StreamLazada

LS2 Modular FF325 Strobe HelmetLS2 Modular FF325 Strobe HelmetLazada

LS2 FF353 Ghost Full Face HelmetLS2 FF353 Ghost Full Face HelmetLazada

LS2 FF800 Storm Full Face HelmetLS2 FF800 Storm Full Face HelmetLazada

LS2 FF320 Stream Evo Mercury Full Face HelmetLS2 FF320 Stream mercury helmetLazada


#1 Spyder Helmets

The Spyder helmet is rated #1 on our list because they manufacture helmets which are designed motorcycles and bicycles.

When I was a child, I saw this brand in malls often. Even now, I see it in malls when I pass by.

An AGV and Spyder helmet comparison video can be found online. You can watch that video at the link below.

I personally use this helmet so I’m a bit biased 🙂

Product NameImageBuying Link
Spyder Full-Face Helmet Spike 2.0 G Neo Series IGNITESpyder Full-Face Helmet igniteLazada

Spyder Full-Face Helmet Spike 2.0 G Series 7Spyder Full-Face Helmet Spike 2.0Lazada

Spyder Open-face Helmet Reboot 2 P Series 0Spyder Open-face Helmet Reboot 2Lazada

Spyder Full-Face Helmet with Dual Visor Shift 3 GD Series 1Spyder Full-Face Helmet with Dual Visor Shift 3Lazada
Spyder Open-face Helmet with Dual Visor Axel GD S1- MECHASpyder Open-face Helmet with Dual VisorLazada

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The Philippines is a country that loves its motorcycles. Whether for commuting, weekend rides, or adventure trips, motorcycles are a standard mode of transportation in the country.

With the increasing popularity of motorcycles, it is essential to prioritize rider safety and protection. One of the most critical safety gear for motorcycle riders is a helmet.

The Philippines and its Love for Motorcycles

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation in the Philippines due to their affordability and convenience.

In major cities like Manila, motorcycles offer a quick and efficient way to navigate heavy traffic. With the growing popularity of motorcycles, the demand for motorcycle-related gear and accessories has also increased.

Importance of Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

Riding a motorcycle can be an exciting and thrilling experience, but it is also one of the most dangerous modes of transportation. In the case of a crash, wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of injury and even save a rider’s life.

Understanding the importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet and its role in protecting riders is essential.

What is Motorcycle Helmets


A motorcycle helmet is a protective headgear designed to protect a rider’s head and face in the event of a crash.

The helmet has a hard outer shell and a soft inner liner that absorbs impact energy, a chin strap that secures the helmet to the rider’s head, ensuring it stays in place during a crash.


The primary function of a motorcycle helmet is to protect a rider’s head and face from impact in the event of a crash. The helmet’s hard outer shell protects the rider’s head from penetration, while the soft inner liner absorbs impact energy, reducing the risk of head and neck injury. The helmet also provides a degree of protection from wind, rain, and debris.

Legal Requirement in the Philippines

In the Philippines, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is mandatory. The Philippine government has implemented a law requiring all motorcycle riders to wear helmets while operating their motorcycle on the road. The law applies to both the rider and the passenger. Failure to comply with the law can result in fines and other penalties.

Price Range of Motorcycle Helmets in the Philippines

The price of motorcycle helmets in the Philippines varies based on brand, model, and features.

Cheapest Motorcycle Helmets

The cheapest motorcycle helmets in the Philippines typically range from PHP 3,000 to PHP 5,500 (lookout for the discounts). These helmets are basic models and may not offer the best protection or features.

Most Expensive Motorcycle Helmets

The most expensive motorcycle helmets in the Philippines can cost upwards of PHP 20,000. These helmets are premium models and often come with advanced features such as aerodynamics, integrated communication systems, and lightweight construction.

Benefits of Wearing the Best Motorcycle Helmets in the Philippines

Protection in Case of a Crash

As a motorcyclist, you expose yourself to high risk on the road.

In a crash, the helmet is the primary line of defense for your head and neck. The helmet can absorb significant impact, reducing the severity of head injuries and potentially saving your life.

Protection from Other Injuries

A motorcycle helmet can also protect from other types of injury, such as wind, dust, and debris. The helmet can also protect you from weather elements such as rain, wind, and sun, keeping you more comfortable and focused on the road.

Improved Visibility

A high-quality helmet also provides improved visibility. With a clear visor, you can see the road better, reducing the risk of an accident and providing a better riding experience. The helmet can also reduce glare, which can be especially helpful in sunny conditions.

Legal Requirement In the Philippines

It is legally required to wear a motorcycle helmet while riding. Wearing a helmet can help you avoid fines, legal consequences, and a potential loss of license.

Types of the Best Motorcycle Helmets in the Philippines 

Full-Face Helmet

The full-face helmet is the most comprehensive type, providing maximum protection for your head and neck. The full-face helmet also provides improved aerodynamics and wind protection, making it a popular choice for riders who want the best protection possible.

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Modular Helmet

The modular helmet combines the protection of a full-face helmet with the convenience of an open-face helmet. The modular helmet can be easily converted from a full-face to an open-face helmet, making it a versatile choice for riders who want the best of both worlds.

Open-Face Helmet

The open-face helmet gives the rider more freedom and a more open feel. However, the open-face helmet provides less protection than a full-face or modular helmet.

Off-Road Helmet

The off-road helmet is designed for off-road riding and provides additional protection for the rider’s face and chin. The off-road helmet is popular for riders who enjoy off-road riding and want maximum protection for their face and chin.


Wearing a motorcycle helmet is essential for protecting the rider. A motorcycle helmet can provide protection in the event of a crash, protect the rider from other types of injury, provide improved visibility, and fulfill the legal requirement in the Philippines.